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    Gordo – Drums…

    Quick Facts


    Gordon has played in punk rock, cover, jazz, alt-country, roots rock and even Grateful Dead cover bands since the early 80s. Hours of joystick time on the Atari 2600 between 1984-88 chiseled the supple wrist muscles that allowed him to fake his way through any audition. When asked about his opinion on 80s music during Gordon replies, "I didn't like it at the time, but like any fine cheese, it improves with age. With hints of carefree vocals and nodes of catchy riffs, it has totally aged to perfection!"


    Dan – Guitar…

    Quick Facts


    Dan has played in bands for over 30-years, and has a real connection with the 80s music RetroSonics plays. “I had always been interested in popular music, but when New Wave showed up on the scene in the late 70s, it really got my attention, especially the darker, moodier stuff.” Primarily a Fender Man, Dan plays a variety of guitars on stage to keep things visually and sonically interesting.


    Jane – Keys &…

    Quick Facts


    A classically trained artist and Blondie wannabe - Jane entered the music scene 20-years ago as a studio musician but has only played in a handful of bands since. Quite frankly, she has been stuck in the 80s for a long time and thoroughly enjoys performing the music she's loved for so many years. What's not to love? Synth-heavy keys, memorable dance tunes and of course, 80s fashion!

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    Stu – Lead Vocal

    Quick Facts


    "Seeing Pat Benatar in those skin tight leather pants in the 'You Better Run' video did something to me", says Stu who, fueled by testosterone, big rock and big hair, fell hard for 80s music. He goes on (and on), "I remember live music events in the 80s breaking new ground in terms of size and theatricality which really drew me in because when I go see a band play, I not only want to listen to great, well-performed music but also experience a real 'show'. That inspires me and it's what we try hard to give to our audience when they come hear RetroSonics."




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